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Black & Decker unveils new Steam-Mop


TOWSON, Md. — Black & Decker has introduced its new Steam-Mop featuring trademarked SmartSelect technology that enables users to use the mop on a variety of floor types. When the right setting is chosen the mop will release the required amount of steam needed to clean the floor.

The mop works with regular tap water, thus eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, the company reported. According to Black & Decker, this mop can kill99.9 percent of germs to achieve a clean home the all-natural way.

The Steam-Mop is ready quickly with its speedy 15-second heat-up time. A ready-to-go tank illumination changes from red to blue so users know when the water reaches the correct temperature. With swivel steering, users can maneuver easily around furniture and into corners, and the Black & Decker Steam-Mop automatically shuts off the steam when parked upright for those quick pauses during cleaning.

Additionally, the Steam-Mop boasts a handful of convenience features such as hands-free pad removal for easy release by simply stepping on the pad, an attached lid and cup to help avoid misplacing loose items and a tank that holds enough water for more than 25 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.

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