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Black & Decker introduces new rechargeable mower


TOWSON, Md. -- Black & Decker has introduced its new rechargeable mower, the 36V Variable-Speed Self-Propelled Cordless Rechargeable Mower, which allows users to adjust the mowing speed to their personal pace so they can achieve great cutting results with minimal effort, according to the company.

"We designed our new 36V cordless, variable-speed self-propelled rechargeable mower with focus on both cutting efficiency and power. It's easy to use too with a soft start and a variable speed self drive motor, which allows our consumers to begin mowing without an abrupt start and tackle thick grass or uneven cutting terrain at a speed that's most comfortable for them," said John Weetenkamp, group product manager for Black & Decker. "Our new 36V rechargeable mower also enables users to do the same yard work as traditional gas mowers, but with fewer hassles and less mess."

Black & Decker said the new mower saves users time on the job by eliminating the frustration of pull cords, the hassle of mixing gas and oil, trips to the gas station and costly engine maintenance. Instead, users can enjoy the freedom of cordless power with Black & Decker's new variable-speed mower – spending less time mowing their lawn and more time enjoying the yard.

Black & Decker's new mower also includes a number of additional innovative and consumer friendly features. The fold-up frame collapses for convenient storage. The durable and lightweight polymer cutting deck never rusts, is easy to clean, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The patented one-touch height adjustment can easily adjust the cutting height of all four wheels at once with the pull of a single lever.

The Black & Decker 36 Volt Cordless Variable-Speed, Self-Propelled Mower will be available March 1, 2011 for $449.99 and comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

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