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BJ’s uses Keynote to load test and monitor its website


San Mateo, Calif. -- Keynote Systems, which provides Internet and mobile cloud monitoring, announced that BJ’s Wholesale Club is using various Keynote solutions for optimizing the performance of its website.

For the first phase of the project, Keynote ran peak load tests to ensure that all components of BJ’s site were fully prepared to handle expected usage before the site went live.

With the site now operational, ongoing monitoring services from Keynote inform BJ’s whether the site is available and performing optimally to deliver superior experience to its members. This allows BJ’s to respond immediately to issues before they impact customers.

“We take performance and user experience very seriously,” explained Shamim Mohammad, VP information technology, BJ’s. “Although we do considerable testing within our environment, we needed to validate that end users are seeing good performance and availability. Keynote services show us how our site is responding from an end user perspective from all parts of the country so we can uncover any issues and fix them before they impact our customers.”

Now that the site is successfully serving members, Keynote monitors the site on an ongoing basis for performance and availability. BJ’s uses Keynote Transaction Perspective to run test scripts from five locations around the United States every 15 minutes. The scripts run through the entire check-out process from an end user perspective. If the tests reveal any performance or availability issues, Keynote proactively notifies BJ’s of the issue and whether it impacts members.

Keynote also provides performance and availability trending on a monthly basis and offers recommendations for optimizing the site.

“This testing has helped us improve site availability and performance,” Mohammad said.

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