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Bi-Lo adds nutrition tags to shelves


GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Bi-Lo has developed and launched its own nutritional tagging system that identifies healthful attributes in particular foods.

The retailer said the system features a wide range of categories established by Bi-Lo’s registered dietitian, Monica Amburn. Amburn said the system allows customers to create positive attitudes about healthy eating.

The tags highlight such benefits as "low sodium" or "an excellent source of vitamin C," as well as gluten-free and organic products.

To complement the nutrition tags, Bi-Lo pharmacists also now offer shoppers complimentary “nutrition tip lists” to help customers better understand how to choose appropriate foods throughout the store to better manage their own health conditions.

“These tiny additions to our store will help shoppers find foods that are just right for them, whether they are trying to eat healthier or need assistance managing specific health conditions, such as diabetes or celiac disease,” Amburn said of the nutritional tagging system.

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