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Best Buy tunes in to HD radio


MINNEAPOLIS Best Buy's exclusive HD Radio Portable Player from Insignia is now available at Best Buy stores.

According to Best Buy, the Insignia radio is the first portable HD radio player, allowing listeners to listen to FM radio stations, as well as new HD radio channels. Unlike satellite radio, HD radio is not subscription based, making it ideal for consumers uninterested in paying for radio.

“The sound quality and LCD screen features of the Insignia HD Radio portable are phenomenal,” said Mike Dahnert, Insignia Portable HD Radio product manager. “Best Buy is proud to be the first to bring such a unique and quality product to our customers.”

The availability of a portable HD radio player could mean trouble for satellite radio provider Sirius XM. Although satellite offers the benefit of commercial-free radio, cost-conscious consumers may flock to the free HD radio.

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