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Best Buy takes the "buying" out of shopping


Best Buy is following the lead of Target and other retailers by partnering with a new app called Curbside at some of its stores.

Best Buy has signed a deal with Curbside, which allows shoppers to pick out what they want online. Curbside employees then buy the items and are there to meet shoppers outside the store an hour later. The app was launched by two former Apple engineers who raised $9.5 million to expand the service, which is free to shoppers.

“With more speed and convenience than home delivery, Curbside is the perfect solution for today’s mobile, on-the-go consumers,” said Curbside co-founder and CEO Jaron Waldman. “We see a great opportunity to help a busy parent or someone on their way home from work to conveniently get what they want from their favorite nearby stores.”

While retailers like Amazon have been focusing on speeding up their e-commerce delivery capabilities, others are focused on the viability of local pickup options. Early data indicates the service is resonating with consumers. Over 55% of those who have shopped on Curbside have made a repeat purchase, and the company is now handling hundreds of orders daily, Waldman says. In addition, he says growth has continued to be steady and has climbed, even after the holiday shopping season wrapped.

The company found that, initially, the service appealed to young parents who appreciated the convenience of being able to pick up household goods and baby items, like diapers, without having to get their kids out of the car. But over time, the product mix has broadened, and Waldman says consumers are using Curbside for other things, too, including apparel and cosmetics, for example.

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