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Best Buy to sell 'refreshed' iPhone 3Gs


MINNEAPOLIS Best Buy announced that it is the first retailer to offer refreshed Apple iPhone 3Gs at store locations nationwide.

The Refreshed iPhone 3G is available at 350 Best Buy Mobile stores at $149 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16G model, both require a two-year service contract. New iPhone 3Gs currently retail for $199 (8G) and $299 (16G) at Best Buy Mobile.

“The refreshed iPhone is a great example of the depth of our offering, and clear evidence of why Best Buy is the best place to purchase a mobile phone,” said Scott Moore, VP of marketing for Best Buy Mobile. “Where else can you get everything you need to make sure your phone can be utilized to its fullest.”

Best Buy said the refreshed iPhones will expand to all U.S. Best Buy stores that offer AT&T by the end of January.

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