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Benetton looks to expand empire


NEW YORK The Benettons and Goldman Sachs will examine and choose investors who want to put up billions of dollars to join the Italian family in its latest venture, according to Friday's reports.

The Benettons, famous for their clothing company, are on the move again after months of delays and disappointments over their investments in the Italian motorway network and in Telecom Italia.

Goldman's private equity wing has already put in $1.4 billion, about a quarter of the amount being sought for investments in global infrastructure assets from toll roads to airports and railway stations.

It is the most dramatic change in the Benettons' empire since the four siblings from northeast Italy founded their clothing group in the 1960s.

The Benettons are worth more than $10.7 billion, half of which is in their global clothing business and half in Italian infrastructure.

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