Belk streamlines workforce management with Reflexis


Charlotte, N.C. – The store is still the center of profit, and Belk Inc. is focusing on increased control, efficiency and visibility of workforce activities to maximize that profit. Belk has implemented Reflexis Workforce Manager, Reflexis Time & Attendance, Reflexis Task Manager, and Reflexis Advanced Analytics & Reporting to streamline corporate-to-store communication, track completion status of important tasks and projects, increase labor efficiency, reduce costs, and comply with complex labor laws.

Benefits from the Reflexis platform rollout to all 217 stores have included the elimination of manual systems, the ability for employees to view and manage their own schedules, more efficient and accurate budgeting and forecasting, better alignment of hours to sales patterns, and a reduction in payroll costs of about $5 million annually.

“To provide the best possible customer service, we needed a great scheduling system to make sure we had the right person working at the right place at the right time,” said Scott Delmar, Belk’s director of workforce management implementation.

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