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BCBG Max Azria leverages analytics


BCBG Max Azria Group leveraged analytics when it realized its static “one-size-fits-all” e-commerce site didn’t optimize the overall shopping experience, or allow it to engage with specific omnichannel shoppers.

With a goal of personalizing the digital experience, and integrating its omnichannel journey as a whole, the women’s fashion brand added an analytics tool from Qubit. By embedding the platform’s JavaScript tags within its web pages, the technology transparently records all customer online interactions, pulling information into the cloud for reporting.

With insight into how many shoppers visit the site, how they navigate throughout their digital experience, and how long they spend online, BCBG now personalizes promotions and content to specific segments. The solution also measures how these shoppers respond to these initiatives to determine their success rates.

“On the surface, they seem like simple tags, but in reality they define the user experience,” said Nathan Dierks, director of BCBG Max Azria Group’s web operations. “Once the data is sent to the cloud-based data warehouse, the analytics software delivers the information we need to make better decisions.”

Since adding the solution last May, BCBG has embarked on weather-based testing. Knowing which city customer traffic originates from – and the temperature in that location – the brand serves up personalized home pages and ensembles associated with a region’s specific climate. “We also feature a weather icon on our home page that shows weather associated with the visitor’s city,” Dierks said. “By clicking on the link, users can see specific merchandise picked to coincide, in real-time, with the weather.”

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