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Bazaarvoice launches product review summary tool


AUSTIN, Texas Bazaarvoice has introduced QuickTake, a new social navigation tool that allows customers to access a quick-view summary of user-generated content related to a product – directly on the product detail page.

The QuickTake summary includes average overall rating, as well as product dimensions and product pros and cons as tagged by other reviewers. Customers can simply click through on a pro or con tag to easily identify the most personally impactful reviews and gain a better, more relevant online shopping experience.

"Online businesses are increasingly merchandising with reviews, including the use of top-rated navigation to drive product exposure and sales,” said Brett Hurt, founder and ceo of Bazaarvoice. “QuickTake fuels social navigation with first-of-its kind user-generated content sorting via tags, maximizing the impact of reviewer profiles and review dimension data via navigation that is entirely created and controlled by the consumer."

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