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Barnes & Noble upgrades Nook Windows app


New York – Barnes & Noble is releasing an updated Nook App for Windows 8 with a new user interface, faster performance and features including highlighting, annotations, dictionary lookup, find in books, improved shop and search functionality, and the ability to sideload ePub and PDF files from local drives. Other new features include sign-in with existing Microsoft accounts, 14-day free trial subscriptions of newspapers and magazines, syncing of reading activity across Nook devices and apps, and placement of magazine and newspaper articles on a single page for easier reading.

“Nook is the highest-rated reading and digital book store app for Windows 8, and we’ve added even more great features that were requested by our customers,” said Jamie Iannone, president of digital products at Nook Media. “With the Nook App for Windows 8, customers get an incredible reading experience and can choose from over 3 million Nook books, including 1 million free titles, as well as magazines, newspapers and comics on any Windows 8 device.”

Barnes & Noble cited the negative impact of Nook e-reader inventory as a key driver of poor financial performance in its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2013.

The Nook App for Windows 8 is now available to download for free in the Windows Store on all Windows 8 devices.

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