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Barnes & Noble Launches ‘My B&N’


New York City Barnes & Noble has launched a new virtual experience on its site called “My B&N” that allows users to create free personal profiles around their life in books, music and movies. Customized profile pages include a pen name and avatar; a virtual Library; list-making tools; expanded customer review and ratings features; and updates on local store events.

On their profile page, users can create a virtual Library to showcase their favorite books, music and movies, as well as share what they are “Reading Now.” Customers are reminded of their recent purchases so they can add these products to their Library, if they choose to.

Shoppers also have the opportunity to identify their local Barnes & Noble stores, and to get updates on events there.

Through My B&N, users can now create and manage personalized lists that can be e-mailed to friends and family or shared on social-networking sites, such as Facebook and Digg.

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