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Barnes & Noble elevates Huseby as CEO


Michael Huseby was named CEO at Barnes and Noble after previously serving briefly as the retailer’s CFO and then president.

Huseby will also serve on the company’s board and oversee the 673 store retail group led by CEO Mitchell Klipper and the 695 store college group led by CEO Max Roberts. Huseby joined Barnes & Noble in March 2012 as CFO and was named president in July 2013.

“Since the day he joined the company, Mike has proven to be an excellent financial and business executive, whose leadership skills have earned the respect of the entire organization, as well as our board of directors,” said Leonard Riggio, chairman of Barnes & Noble. “Although a relative newcomer to the retail book business, he has quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges the company faces, and he has a vision for the future in which I am in complete accord. Mike also has a passion for bookselling, which makes him a perfect fit for this job.”

According to Huseby, Barnes & Noble is well positioned to maintain and grow its position as a leader in the area of book retailing and digital media.

“My role, as I see it, is to enhance and unlock the value of these businesses for our shareholders,” Huseby said. “We are well-positioned in today’s dynamic reading and learning markets and confident in our ability to provide our customers with the best content offerings, digital media and educational products available in today’s marketplace.”

Prior to joining Barnes & Noble, Huseby served as EVP and CFO of Cablevision Systems Corporation. He spent seven years at Cablevision and prior to that held positions at Charter Communications, Inc., and AT&T Broadband. He also spent 23 years at Arthur Andersen as a global equity partner.

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