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Bargain hunting welcomed part of shopper experience, survey finds


CHICAGO — Searching for the best bargains has become pastime among shoppers, according to research conducted by Mintel Inspire.

According to the latest data, Mintel found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. moms said they're spending more time looking for sales, discounts and coupons, compared with last year; while 28% of U.K. consumers were classified by Mintel as "bargain hunters" due to their dedication to comparing prices and reading online reviews.

"It's no longer enough to save money, shoppers want to have fun with the savings experience as well," Mintel Inspire managing editor Alexandra Smith said. "Consumers have come to expect reduced prices since the economic downturn, but retailers need to take that discounting a step further with promotions that engage and entertain."

Smith also said that while consumers presently are more open to try new products or venues, it's the promotions that can entice them to purchase an item or visit a certain store.

"Allowing customers to choose the number and type of deals they receive, coupled with location-based offers will help reduce the potential for savings burnout," Smith noted.

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