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AutoZone revs up network


AutoZone knows that driving experience and customer experience both depend on a well-built frame.

Thus AutoZone is turning to AT&T to provide the chassis for a seamless front- and back-end retail experience. AT&T will provide a suite of mobile and broadband solutions for its U.S. stores, call centers, and back-end offices that deliver voice, Internet and mobility solutions.

"We're always looking for ways to make our business more efficient and better serve our customers," said Bill Rhodes, chairman, president & CEO, AutoZone. "That's why we teamed up with AT&T to implement a unified broadband and mobile network solution that will serve as the foundation for improving the in-store experience for our customers and our AutoZoners."

Specifically, AT&T integrates solutions will provide functionality including network reporting capabilities, predictable and stable bandwidth capacity, a simplified store architecture with fewer points of failure, virtual line capacity for flexibility in phone-based customer service, near-real-time customer call analytics, and a wireless network backup solution.

A satisfactory front-end seamless customer experience require enormous effort and capability in the back end, which all rests on a robust and flexible network. AutoZone is putting itself on the road to omnichannel success, and having network backup in place is good protection against potholes along the way.

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