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August 2016 Weather Report


Temperatures for the U.S. will trend the warmest in at least five years.

August begins with an active pattern along the East Coast with showers and thunderstorms. Heat will be building across the Central U.S. with a heat wave likely developing in the first week of August. The heat spreads to the East Coast later in the week. Another heat wave during the second retail week of the month will keep it feeling firmly like summer.

Back-to-School shopping will be largely fueled by tax holidays in several states. Hot weather will have consumers looking to snap up late summer clearance and consumables such as charcoal, sun care, and cold beverages, especially during the first two weeks of the month. A brief break in the heat will move out of the northern Rocky Mountains and across the Great Lakes and Northeast late in week two and early week three. An eye will need to be kept on the tropics as an active hurricane season is likely in the Atlantic.

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