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AT&T, LaGrange, Ill.

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AT&T has transformed its store in LaGrange, Ill., to a new look that the company is rolling out at new and redesigned stores nationwide. Focused on the customer experience, the store is designed to offer a more interactive and inviting environment. Many of the elements (design and merchandising) were introduced at AT&T’s flagship on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

The makeover starts on the façade, which invites customers in with a unique porch feature and large open windows that maximize daylight and views in and out of the store. On the interior, a flexible design, with flexible wall systems, encourages exploration.

The finish palette, which blends the warmth of wood with glossy white high-tech finishes, is balanced by the bold pop of AT&T's signature orange hue. Digital screens are integrated throughout the space for interaction, education and the delivery of brand content.

The layout highlights AT&T's products and services in three distinct zones:

The Connected Experience Zone features "lifestyle vignettes" that offer customers a glimpse of how solutions can be used in their everyday lives.

The Community Zone offers "community tables" that encourage customers to shop and play in an open and interactive space. Shoppers can explore apps, accessories and devices to see how they all work together.

The Explore Zone highlights AT&T's diverse line-up of devices and accessories.

The store eschews traditional cash register and service counters and printed brochures and signs. Customers can sit side-by-side with AT&T associates at round, café-styled tables and ask questions or learn about products or services. And all associates are equipped with tablets supported by a new mobile point-of-sale system so that transactions can occur anywhere in the store. Information is provided via digital signs, e-brochures and interactive video monitors.

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