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Associated Grocers to Use Data Synchronization


Baton Rouge, La., Associated Grocers, Inc. is pursuing data synchronization and plans to connect its existing systems to the 1SYNC data pool. The grocer will use Retalix's InSync Data Staging solution, integrating supplier data from the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) via 1SYNC. Associated will also use an XML-based File Sync product from data synchronization-solutions provider Ontuet. Ontuet said it plans to eliminate manual catalog processing steps, reduce administration time, ensure timely and accurate data from suppliers, reduce errors dramatically, eliminate disparate data between applications and bring products to market more quickly, according to Ontuet.

"Data synchronization is a priority for us in 2006, and the heart of the system is the Retalix InSync Data Staging solution," said Steven Miller, senior VP of Associated Grocers. "The benefits of the initiative are reduced manual intervention for item maintenance, a reliable method for receiving information about new and discontinued items, and accurate dimensional information for more efficient cubing of shipments into and out of the distribution center."

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