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Asia-Pacific to overtake North America as e-commerce leader


Business-to-consumer e-commerce sales in 2012 grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion for the first time, according to new global estimates by research firm, eMarketer.

The firm predicts that 2013 will be even better, with e-commerce sales up18.3% to $1.298 trillion worldwide, on the strength of the Asia-Pacific market.

In North America, e-commerce sales were up
13.9% in 2012 and are expected to reach $409.05 billion this year. This increase will be due to more consumers shifting to online shopping. ut despite strong growth, North America’s share of global sales will drop from 33.5% last year to 31.5% in 2013 as Asia-Pacific surges ahead, eMarketer said.

E-commerce sale in Asia-Pacific grew more than 33% to $332.46 billion in 2012. This year, the region will see sales increase by more than 30% to over $433 billion—or more than one-third of all global business-to-consumer e-commerce sales, the firm reported.

Other findings of the report include:

  • The United States will retain the largest share of worldwide b-to-c e-commerce spending,at 29.6% in 2013—down from 31.5% in 2012 despite relatively strong growth.

  • China has the highest number of people who buy goods online in the world.

eMarketer analyzed more than 1,100 data sets from over 130 research sources—whose ecommerce figures are each tracked and evaluated by eMarketer based on their respective methodologies, definitions and historical accuracy—looking at more than 22 markets and six major regions, before forming its worldwide figures.

For the full report, click here.

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