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Intel Corp.

Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., introduced an RFID chip that promises to enhance the capabilities and design of existing UHF RFID readers. The design of the Intel UHF RFID Transceiver R1000 integrates approximately 90% of the discrete components found in a typical RFID reader radio, including receiving, transmission, baseband, modulation and demodulation functionalities, onto a single chip. The Intel R1000 delivers high performance with low power consumption, and supports a full range of reader form factors and applications. These range from short-range handheld readers to long-range dock-door

SATO America

SATO America is further improving the RFID landscape with its new GL4e series RFID-ready printers designed for medium-duty industrial applications. The GL4e series features a field-upgradable UHF RFID option, the Java-based SATOnet Connect software that remotely controls and monitors network printers and standard tri-port communications protocols, and an Online Data Verifier option that validates barcode scan-ability at point-to-print. The combination translates to improved productivity and cost savings. It also resolves the issues of integration

Arthur Blank & Co.

Boston-based Arthur Blank & Co. introduced its latest product, the MirrorCard. A high-gloss metallic finish creates a high-tech glamorous look that makes the card stand out on store racks or in customer wallets. Arthur Blank & Co. is marketing the card as an option for membership, loyalty and gift cards, and to augment direct-mail programs. It can also be used for signs and point-of-purchase

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