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Argentina’s Musimundo meets Cyber Monday demand with IBM Cloud


Buenos Aires, Argentina — Specialty entertainment applicance retailer Musimundo, which operates more than 200 stores in Argentina, deployed its e-commerce platform on the IBM Cloud to meet increased customer demand on Cyber Monday.

As it prepared for Cyber Monday 2014, Musimundo's greatest challenge was to address the number of entries of people to its website per second, and it needed to manage load balance and security levels in accordance with regulatory requirements.

At the same time, the company had to streamline its check-out response. Musimundo decided to migrate its shopping platform onto cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer, an IBM company, to take advantage of its flexible and automated technology to ensure a seamless shopping experience for its customers. Musimundo chose SoftLayer because it is a single private network connecting all data centers and network points-of-presence, offering unlimited private network traffic between all its facilities to significantly reduce user's bandwidth costs.

During Cyber Monday, the website registered a high score of eight different purchases being made per second with no interference or crash in the system.

"IBM Cloud allows us to respond to the workload peaks without delays or service interruptions," said Claudio Baez, CTO. "Customer satisfaction is essential to us; we want to provide unique experience for daily purchase, regardless of the number of users online. The IBM cloud enables us to provide our customers with a fast, dynamic, stable and secure website to shop on."

New Digital Way (NDW), IBM Argentina Business Partner, supported the development of Musimundo's e-commerce platform and SoftLayer implementation for Cyber Monday.

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