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Arby’s on track for 15% energy reduction by end of 2015


Atlanta -- Arby’s Restaurant Group, franchisor of the Arby’s brand, announced that it has reached an 11% total energy reduction per company-owned restaurant since 2011, paving the way to a goal of 15% energy reduction by the end of 2015. This follows a 2014 reported reduction of 3.3% in average year-over-year energy consumption per company-owned restaurant.

The savings are a result of Arby’s “Efficiency Matters” program, launched by the brand in 2012 to improve efficiencies in restaurants and reduce energy consumption and associated environmental and community impacts.

The energy consumption savings realized by Arby’s Restaurant Group in 2014 included a 5.5% year-over-year reduction in electricity consumption per company-owned restaurant and a 0.6% year- over-year drop in natural gas consumption. In addition to energy savings, costs have also been impacted. Since 2011, the company has recorded a 10% in total energy costs per company-owned restaurant as a result of electricity and natural gas savings.

Arby Restaurant Group’s energy efficiency partners, including Ecova and Powerhouse Dynamics, have been instrumental in helping the Arby's brand realize these cost and energy savings, the company said.

“Last year, we exhibited our commitment to energy efficiency with savings across the board,” said Paul Brown, CEO of Arby's Restaurant Group. “But there’s still room for improvement in both company-owned and franchise restaurants. We will continue to work with our energy efficiency partners to find more ways to reduce consumption to meet and surpass the goals set when we launched the Arby’s Efficiency Matters program.”

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