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Apple Announces 3Q Results


Cupertino, Calif. On Monday, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs reported the “best June quarter for both revenues and earnings in the company’s history.”

Total revenues for the quarter were $7.46 billion, up from $5.41 billion in third quarter 2007. Net profit for the quarter was $1.07 billion compared to $818 million in the same period last year.

Products that led the growth were Macintosh computers, iPods and iPhones. During third quarter, Apple sold 2.49 million Macintosh computers, more than 11 million iPods and 717,000 iPhones (compared to 270,000 iPhones in the year-ago quarter.) -

Jobs also noted that the company anticipates the new iPhone 3G will be a “real winner.”

Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, stated, “We’re extremely pleased with the growth of our business and the generation of almost $5.4 billion in cash in the first three quarters of fiscal 2008. Looking ahead to the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008, we expect revenue of about $7.8 billion.”

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