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A&P partners with 4D for pharmacy benefits management as part of Live Better! Wellness program


MONTVALE, N.J. A&P has partnered with 4D Pharmacy Management Systems to administer employer group prescription drug benefits through its Live Better! Wellness Program.

Employer groups will have access to 4D’s nationwide network of over 60,000 pharmacies and special incentives at the company’s participating banner store Pharmacy Centers. The Live Better! Wellness Program begins managing pharmacy benefits on Jan. 1, 2009.

"We're committed to helping our customers improve their health by offering better diet choices and improved access to prescription drugs," stated Carol J. DiNicolantonio R.Ph. MBA, senior director of pharmacy for A&P. "We’re excited to team up with one of the best prescription benefits managers in the industry to offer more advanced comprehensive services than those traditionally provided by PBMs. These enhanced offerings will emphasize healthy foods, products and services."

"Our totally transparent business model fits perfectly with bringing value, innovation and customer attentiveness to Live Better! Wellness Program groups," said 4D vp Jeff Polter. "We’re preparing to launch group and broker marketing activities within the next few weeks."

The Live Better! Wellness Program features discounts on generic drugs, over-the-counter items and a wide range of grocery products, including fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods that promote a healthful lifestyle and diet.

"Being in the supermarket environment, we are able to interact with our customers even when they are not filling a prescription," said DiNicolantonio. "We can also help them make the right food choices for themselves and their families and focus on preventative care."

"This partnership brings our pharmacy offerings to the next level with dynamic services which provide our customers with the information and benefits they need to make healthy decisions in all aspects of their lives,” added Rebecca Philbert, A&P senior vp of merchandising and supply & logistics.

In addition, Live Better! Wellness Program pharmacists will provide on-site visits to employer groups to assist with health and prescription drug education.

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