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Anti-Walmart group claims co. not pro-workers


WASHINGTON The pro-union group Walmart Workers for Change, released a new video featuring Walmart employees reporting on alleged anti-workplace tactics by the company.

According to the organization, workers in more than 100 stores in 15 states across the country have joined together and signed union representation cards, citing a lack of respect from the company, as well as poverty-level wages and sub-par benefits as reasons they need a union voice on the job.

The group expressed outward support for President Obama and the introduction of the Employee Free Choice Act in Congress.

Walmart Workers for Change's actions come shortly after Wal-Mart reported in its annual report that it created 33,000 in the United States in the past year. In the report, the company highlighted also its competitive wages and benefits, an area often criticized by anti-Wal-Mart groups.

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