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Angie’s List eyes expansion of Indy HQ


Online referral service provider Angie’s List plans to increase the size of its headquarters in Indianapolis and increase the workforce to 2,800 people within five years.

Angie’s List, a review drive enterprise that helps facilitate transactions between more than 2.8 million consumers and service providers in 720 categories, said it plans to grow its base of employees from 500 in 2011 to roughly 2,800 by 2019. The company said the expansion was enabled in part by an attractive incentive plan from the City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana.

"Today's announcement reflects our expectation for continued growth and expansion and highlights our commitment to the city of Indianapolis," said Bill Oesterle, Angie's List CEO. "We look forward to growing our thriving campus and continuing to attract talent to Indianapolis."

The company plans to begin hiring in 2015 for positions including information technology, sales and member services. As part of the incentive plan, Angie's List agreed to achieve certain business and financial targets including annual investment, number of employees and average wage levels. The company expects to invest more than $10 million in expansion-related capital expenditures in 2015, with cumulative investment expected to be approximately $40 million by the end of 2019.

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