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American Apparel ties employee scheduling to performance


American Apparel is providing store managers with new insight into traffic and conversion so they can better perform staffing.

The specialty apparel chain is deploying StoreForce across all of its 202 stores in 19 countries. The solution allows managers to schedule store associates based on traffic patterns. It also delivers real-time performance metrics such as conversion rates. This allows managers to react to real-time opportunities to drive sales.

Increasingly, retailers are turning away from traditional, spreadsheet-based scheduling strategies that base staffing on historical data. The advent of real-time store performance reporting allows retailers to schedule based on accurate current trends and future predictions. It also lets retailers better take advantage of developments that may lead to increased real-time sales, instead of reacting to them days or weeks after the fact.

"It was a priority for me to get StoreForce in place, because I knew that if I could better manage traffic and conversion, I could drive sales up," said Christine Olcu, GM, global retail. "It's about enabling sales floor leaders and store managers to coach 'in the moment' based on real-time store performance and enhance the customer experience."

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