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Amazon retooling its Prime program?

9/1/2015 is reportedly doing some experimental tinkering with the two-day shipping guarantee for its paid Prime loyalty program.

According to theWall Street Journal,Amazon is testing a program called “Ship by Region” that exempts some Prime items from free two-day shipping, depending on where they are shipped from.

A specific group of independent sellers who are allowed to list items stored outside of Amazon warehouses on Prime is able to limit how far they will ship some items, such as appliances and large-screen TVs, with a two-day guarantee. The deliveries are still free for paid Prime members.

In addition, sources indicate Amazon is considering a program known as “Amazon Day” that would let customers select a specific day of the week to receive all their deliveries. This would allow Amazon to consolidate orders and reduce shipping costs, which rose substantially in second quarter 2015.

Amazon previously operated a similar program that let Seattle customers have items delivered on a specific day of the week in a reusable bag, called “Amazon Tote.” Amazon ended the free Amazon Tote service in 2011.

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