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Amazon Prime Video makes big global expansion play


Amazon Prime Video just made a massive move expanding its global reach.

The pure play’s video streaming service is now available in 200 countries, including The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany Austria, France, Canada, Japan, and other major markets, including India — a move that allows it go toe-to-toe with its biggest streaming competitor, Netflix.

By adding India to its roster, Amazon enables the country’s Prime members to access its portfolio of Bollywood new releases and regional Indian blockbusters within a few weeks of their release; Hollywood movies; day-after-broadcast U.S. TV shows, and kids’ programming. This launch also makes Amazon’s Original Series’ available in India for the first time.

The video service coincides with members’ Amazon Prime annual fee of 499 INR (approximately $7.40 U.S. dollars).

Amazon Prime Video’s global initiative is meant to send a message to rival Netflix, which expanded its reach in January. Netflix is currently available in 130 countries, according to Fortune.

Neither company’s streaming service is available in China.

In addition to reach, Amazon continues to pit itself Netflix through new investments in its original content offerings. In fact, Amazon reported it was doubling its spending on video content in the second half of 2016, compared with last year, according to Business Insider.

The two companies also continue to compete on member pricing. For example, Prime costs $99/year or $10.99/month, rivaling Netflix’s basic fee which starts at $8.99.
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