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Amazon Prime members stay home Black Friday weekend


More Amazon Prime shoppers skipped the Black Friday hype this weekend than ever before.

Only 59% of Prime members ended up shopping in-store on Black Friday, down from 65% last year. This drop represented a 9.2% year-over-year decline.

This message was delivered in a survey conducted by InfoScout. The study, which was conducted the day after Black Friday, tapped 2,000 shoppers.

“What happens when Amazon Prime membership increases by 23% to 50 million U.S. consumers over the past year, and the percentage of Prime members shopping in stores on Black Friday declines during by nearly 10%?” asked Jared Schrieber, InfoScout’s co-founder and CEO. “The answer is a decline in Black Friday shopping that should strike fear into Amazon’s competitors — both in-store and online.”

Shoppers didn’t skip store visits during the highly anticipated Black Friday weekend in favor of better prices and deals online, either. Rather, surveyed shoppers were happy to avoid "crowds, stampedes, and bad attitudes,” as well as "lines and grouchy people.”

When asked where their remaining holiday gift shopping will occur, 85% of the Amazon Prime members surveyed said they will do at least half of their shopping online. Just 15% plan to do most of their holiday shopping in-store, the study said.

"It's high-time for brick-and-mortar retailers to give their shoppers an incentive to visit them online as well,” Schrieber added.

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