Amazon partners with Auburn University on new RFID Lab


Seattle - Auburn University's new RFID Lab held its grand opening May 21, during which announced a joint project with the university to explore the business case for the implementation of RFID within the Amazon supply chain. Amazon has utilized RFID technology in its fulfillment centers, where customer orders are picked from shelves, moved on conveyers and loaded onto trucks for rapid shipping and delivery.

"RFID is a fascinating technology,” said Dave Clark, senior VP of worldwide operations, “As part of this joint project, we are excited to invent new processes and technology using RFID to enhance the experience for customers through better inventory predictability, faster delivery and, ultimately, lower cost. The collaboration presents a unique opportunity for students, faculty and industry to come together in a hands-on and fast-moving real world environment."

Auburn University's RFID Lab specializes in the business case and technical implementation of radio frequency identification technology in retail, supply chain and manufacturing settings. Located in a former supermarket, the 13,000-sq.-ft. Auburn University RFID Lab offers simulated retail, grocery and convenience store space, as well as warehouse and distribution center environments.

Target Corp., which is rolling out RFID-enabled later this year to aid inventory accuracy and improve in-store stock levels, is a sponsor of the Auburn RFID Lab.