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Amazon gets new approval from FAA to test drones


New York -- Amazon’s drone testing program has received a new approval from federal regulators.

In March, the Federal Aviation Administration gave the online giant the oaky to fly drones in research for potential deliveries. But the approval came six months after Amazon had filed the request, and, during that time, the model in question had gone out of date. Amazon submitted a new request for an updated model, and the request was approved in less than a month, Reuters reported.

Amazon said in its application that research is for Amazon Prime Air, a proposed 30-minute delivery service.

Under the terms of the approval, Amazon will be able to fly up to 400 ft. high at up to 100 miles an hour over private property and within sight of the remote-control pilot or a designated observer. The flights are required to stay at least 500 ft. away from other people.

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