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Amazon expands 1-Click mobile shopping


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. According to Reuters, said its 1-Click mobile shopping software will now work for partner retailers, a small move toward a long-predicted world where cell phones become an easy way to buy and pay for goods.

The online retailer's 1-Click payments service, which lets customers buy an item and have it shipped with a single mouse click, can now be used when shopping from mobile devices on other retailers' websites. Amazon already allows 1-Click on its own site and the websites of third-party retailers who sell goods on

Retailers, mobile device makers and others from Apple to eBay and Amazon are searching for ways to make mobile shopping easier as those devices eclipse computers in many parts of the world as a way to connect to the Internet and do business, Reuters reported.

But the move to mobile computing has been held back by a dearth of applications tweaked for tiny screens and slow networks, according to Reuters.

Once signed in to Amazon's 1-Click from their mobile device, Amazon said that customers will be able to make purchases and send payments on any 1-Click enabled Web site.

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