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Amazon dominates online retail traffic in March

4/21/2016 has found another way to demonstrate its commanding lead in e-commerce – monthly unique visitors.

According to the comScore March 2016 rankings of the top 50 multi-platform (desktop and mobile) properties by unique U.S. work and home visits, Amazon sites received 180.97 million unique visitors. This ranked first among all predominantly retail web properties and fifth overall.

The four properties that ranked ahead of Amazon – Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft – all have online retail offerings but are not predominantly e-commerce properties. The next-most-popular retail property, eBay, came in 19th with 100.55 million.

Walmart, the only traditional retailer to crack the top 50 rankings, came in 21st with 91.19 million unique visitors. That means Amazon had almost twice as many unique visitors as Walmart, which has been competing with Amazon through offerings such as expanded online grocery pickup and integration of its third-party online marketplace with ChannelAdvisor. Google, the top web property of all whose offerings include YouTube as well as the default Internet search engine for most people, had 243.56 million unique visitors. Amazon was closer in total unique views to Google than to Walmart, suggesting it has truly snared a singular place among online retailers with U.S. consumers which will be exceedingly difficult to disrupt.

Other retailers who made the top 50 unique visitors ranking included Netflix (#36 with 73.98 million visits). Properties with connection to retail included Apple (#9 with 141.7 million visits), Twitter (#15 with 113.96 million), Pinterest (#22 with 89.17 million), PayPal (#23 with 87.6 million), Groupon (#47 with 61.37 million), and Disney Online (#48 with 60.2 million).

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