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Amazon bets on fuel-cell technology


Amazon will deploy a high-tech, green solution to help power its warehouses.

In a move to increase the energy efficiency of its sprawing network of fulfillment centers, Amazon has entered into a partnership with hydrogen fuel-cell maker Plug Power to deploy Plug Power fuel cells and hydrogen technology in its fulfillment network.

The deal includes an investment option that gives Amazon the right to acquire up to a 23% stake of the fuel-cell maker.

At select warehouse locations, Amazon will begin powering its forklifts using Plug Power’s Genkey technology, which will enable faster charging times, reduced costs, and support energy-efficiency in Amazon’s fulfillment operations, the supplier said.

Additionally, Amazon and Plug Power will begin working together on technology collaboration, exploring the expansion of applications for Plug Power’s line of ProGen fuel cell engines.

“This agreement is a tremendous opportunity for Plug Power to further innovate and grow while helping to support the work Amazon does to pick, pack and ship customer orders,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power. “Our hydrogen fuel cell technology, comprehensive service network, and commitment to providing cost-savings for customers has enabled Plug Power to become a trusted partner to many in the industry and we are excited to begin working with Amazon.”

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