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Alco stockholders group to submit proxies


Abilene, Kansas – A group called Concerned Alco Stockholders (CAS), led shareholders David Pointer and Dilip Singh, it intends to mail its own proxy statement to stockholders of Alco Stores Inc. for the purpose of giving Alco stockholders the opportunity to vote for new board members at the Alco 2014 annual meeting of stockholders.

“While we strongly support CEO Richard Wilson and the new team that he has assembled in Coppell, Texas, we also believe that certain members of the current board of directors may not be the right people to represent stockholder interests going forward,” said Pointer. “For this reason, we intend to mail out our own proxy statement ahead of the 2014 annual meeting of stockholders.”

Concerned Alco Stockholders is not currently soliciting votes at this time, and is only providing information concerning its concerns and intentions.

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