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Albertsons relaunches online shopping service


FULLERTON, Calif. Albertsons reintroduced its online shopping program, originally launched in 1999, that allows customers to purchase items online and then have them delivered to their homes or ready for pick up at a designated store.

After placing orders online, shoppers select a scheduled delivery or pick-up time -- anywhere from next day to seven days. Shoppers can change their orders for home delivery up to 10:00 PM of the night before the scheduled date of delivery. The charge for home delivery is $12.95 and $5.95 for store pick-up.

"The Albertsons online shopping program is just one great example of how we -- the neighborhood grocer just around the corner -- are working to accommodate our busy and budget-conscious shoppers," said Heidi Diller, Albertsons nutritionist. "Back-to-school time is well under way, and we know that many families are trying to figure out how to bring order to their crazy schedules and ultimately spend more time together as a family."

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