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AI helps lingerie brand bolster revenue by 60%


Cosabella has found a way to future-proof its business, and simultaneously drive sales.

The luxury lingerie brand had no trouble attracting shoppers. But to ensure longevity, brands must convert contacts into loyal customers if they want to grow their market share. Cosabella took a proactive step in this process by adopting an artificial intelligence (AI) platform from Emarsys, to revolutionize the role of its marketers.

The AI-enabled marketing automation platform is designed to enhance customer engagement and acquisition, and conversion growth. By applying data science to its marketing initiatives, Cosabella is positioned to execute marketing efforts into truly personal interactions among billions of customers, the company said.

“Our customers have to navigate a dynamic, but crowded luxury retail landscape to find a product that offers both style and comfort,” said Courtney Connell, marketing director at Cosabella. “It is therefore critical for us to have an intelligent marketing partner to help us cut through the noise and engage effectively with our customers across different channels.”

Specifically, Cosabella uses the suite’s Automation, Predict Web Extend, Smart Insight and CRM Ads products, all which work in concert to deliver better engagement and value for both its business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.

For example, the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud integrates customer intelligence, personalization, predictive recommendations, and omnichannel marketing at scale, and across all devices and social channels into a single cloud-based platform. By combining machine learning and AI, the platform converts raw consumer data into a deep understanding of each customer’s identity, creating highly personalized customer experiences and journeys.

“Emarsys defines true personalization and effective cross-channel automation,” Connell explained. “It is delivering a major uptick in new customers, and unlocking previously hidden avenues of revenue creation.

Since integrating the platform in October 2016, Cosabella has increased the number of its new email subscribers — a move that doubled its subscription base, and grown the luxury brand’s emailed revenues by more than 60% compared to 2015. The platform is also paving the way for a wider AI integration during 2017.

“We are looking to expand our work by adding more features from the Emarsys marketing platform and realize the benefits of AI to execute omnichannel campaigns at scale,” Connell said. “This will, we hope, position us as the brand of choice in the luxury lingerie and intimate clothing space.”
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