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Adobe – Top 25 retailers drive strong Cyber Monday sales


San Jose, Calif. - Total online sales for Cyber Monday came in at $2.65 billion, up 16% compared to 2013. According to data from Adobe Systems, the top 25 retailers, who each generated $30 million or more on Cyber Monday, saw online sales increase by 25%, capturing nearly $1.8 billion.

Smaller retailers, those generating $2 million or less, grew sales by 5%. Consumers saw the highest discounts of 23% in the early morning hours and more than half (54%) of online sales occurred outside of normal working hours.

Key online shopping data and trends from Cyber Monday include:

• Total Online Spend: Consumers spent $2.65 billion online on Cyber Monday. Shopping reached its peak between 9 and 10 p.m. ET. The top 25 U.S. retailers (brick-and-mortar and online-only) saw 25 percent YoY growth. Between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday, total online sales came in at $9.6 billion, 20% growth YoY. The season’s total, between Nov. 1 and Dec. 1 rose 14% YoY to reach $37.9 billion.

• Shopping Trends: By the end of the day the average discount climbed by two percentage points to 21%. Online shopping occurred mostly outside of work hours (54%), with 41% coming in after 6 p.m. ET, even at elevated price levels.

• Mobile Trends: Smartphones and tablets continued to drive sales. Nineteen percent of total online sales ($328 million) were driven by mobile devices, flat compared to last year. Smartphones and tablets drove equal shares, with iOS devices generating 79% of total mobile sales.

These findings are based on the analysis of aggregated and anonymous data of more than 400 million visits to 4,500 retail websites on Cyber Monday.

“Cyber Monday sales were up 16% this year, with the biggest retailers seeing the biggest gains,” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst, Adobe Digital Index. “The early birds caught the worms on Cyber Monday, with shoppers getting the steepest discounts in the early morning hours.”

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