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Adidas to use marine waste in its fabrics


Sports retailer Adidas is trying to strengthen its “green” credentials with a promise to use plastic waste from the oceans in some of its products.

The company said it is partnering Parley for the Oceans to develop fabric made from recycled ocean waste for use in its clothing, and potentially shoe uppers, from next year.

"Our oceans are about to collapse and there is not much time left to turn it around. Nobody can solve this alone. Everyone has to be part of the solution. And collaboration is the magic formula,” said Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley for the Oceans. “We are extremely excited about this partnership. There is no other brand that carries the culture of collaboration in the DNA like adidas. Together, we will not only focus on creating the next generation of design concepts, technologies, materials and products. We will also engage consumers, athletes, artists, designers, actors, musicians, scientists and environmentalists to raise their voice and contribute their skills for the ocean cause.”

Dutch retailer G-Star Raw worked with Parley last year to launch a denim line made out of plastic waste. Adidas also said Monday it would phase out the use of plastic bags at all 2,900 of its stores.

Parley for the Oceans is comprised of a group of artists, designers, musicians and scientists who say that much of the plastic waste of the world ends up in mid-ocean whirlpools, entangling whales, birds and turtles and damaging the internal organs of the fish that ingest it.

Adidas made the announcement in its annual sustainability report, which detailed other steps the company is taking to improve its environmental record, such as using more sustainably-farmed cotton and recycled polyester.

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