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Adidas, San Francisco

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Adidas is taking its act on the road with a futuristic-looking pop-up that lets shoppers get up close and personal with its high-tech footwear.

The “Boost Experience by Adidas” is an interactive mobile store that is touring the country’s premier running events. It made its debut at the San Francisco Marathon. In all, 14 stops are planned, with a schedule that continues into 2016.

The space visitors beyond the traditional in-store consumer journey and features several unique touchpoints, including an exterior “kinetic” wall with larger-than-life replicas of the capsules that go into the Boost system. The wall moves in response to foot traffic.

Runners can put the shoes to the test at the “Momentum Wall,” which records and analyzes a person’s movements via a motion-capture camera. The system assesses the athlete’s energy output and then displays their image, made entirely of Boost capsules, on a full size LED video wall. An embedded GIF of their experience is immediately emailed for social media sharing.

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