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Action Services Group in LED retrofit for Music & Arts


Aston, Penn. -- Action Services Group has completed LED retrofits in five Music & Arts stores, with more to come (Music & Arts specializes in the rental and sale of band and orchestra instruments). The LED lighting retrofits, projected to reduce each store’s energy usage by 78% per year, included replacing the existing halogen 75-watt and 90-watt spot lamps covering the sales floor as well as the hanging-instrument walls with 16-watt LED spot lamps.

Prior to the retrofit, the store used halogen lamps to light the musical instruments displayed on the halls. But the heat from the lamps, which were lit for an average of 11 hours per day, was damaging the instruments. The use of the LED lamps will eliminate the problem.

In addition to the projected energy savings and reduction in instrument damage issues, the LED retrofits will virtually eliminate lighting maintenance costs in each store for nearly 10 years. Action Services” LED lighting retrofit included conducting a site survey, evaluating LED lighting alternatives, help in uncovering applicable local utility rebates, preparing a total ROI analysis and installation.

Including energy savings, maintenance savings and expected utility rebates, the LED lighting retrofits are projected to provide a total payback in slightly more than a year and a half.

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