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Accessories: Sleek Slip-ons


Just like women, men look for versatility when purchasing items in their wardrobe. They want items that will take them from a full day at the office to an evening out on the town. Given their comfort and ability to match with either an office suit or polo shirt and jeans, slip-on shoes can be an easy and stylish way men can complete their look no matter what they wear or where they go.

Slip-on shoes, in the form of brown leather Cherokee “Seth” slip-ons for $34.99, are one of the best-selling shoe items on Target’s Web site. On JCPenney’s Web site, two slip-on models from Florsheim, which come in black and brown leather and are priced at $99 apiece, were best sellers in men’s shoes. Kohl’s offers a few slip-ons, such as one from Nunn Bush for $75, and another from Dockers for $70, in its men’s shoe department. Par for the course, Kohl’s describes the Nunn Bush shoes as “perfect for any occasion—casual or formal.”

In addition to comfort and versatility, men are buying slip-on leather shoes for work and play because of their styling details. These details include updated square toes on many shoes and contrast stitching along the outsole seam and other areas.

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