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Accessories: Flameless Candles


Candles have their advantages, but not everyone can burn them at home. Today, though, available aromatherapy products provide candle-like ambience without fiery worries.

Candle Impressions for example, offers the Flameless Candle, battery operated and made with a real wax shell that’s scented and helps create a mellow glow.

To add seasonal value, Mark Feldstein & Associates has developed the Everlasting Flameless Candle line, which includes products for anytime or certain times. The Autumn Scent Collection, for example, consists of three wax scents and colors, spiced pear scent in green, harvest spice in gold and apple cider in red, available in 4- and 6-inch pillars and a 4-inch square candle, as well as spookier Halloween offerings.

In another variation, Every Body, a fragrance product company, has introduced a new line of water-based air fresheners that sit on a candle warmer and release fragrance for up to 60 hours as the liquid evaporates. “We want to allow our customers who can’t burn candles to be able to enjoy our high-quality fragrances without lighting a candle, and with O.A.M. [odor-absorbing molecule] technology the product actually absorbs bad odors,” said Ben Wall, director of marketing.

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