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Accessories: Classics Revamped


While Gund is entering a new classic toy category this year, other toy companies have been revamping the look of their own traditional toys in order to pump up sales. Ohio Art Co., for example, partnered with Nickelodeon last fall to replace Etch-A-Sketch’s traditional red case with one decorated with Sponge Bob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.

Last holiday, Hasbro updated its classic Monopoly game by making it more modern. The Monopoly “Here and Now” replaced Atlantic City Boardwalk with Times Square and used miniature Starbucks Coffee mugs and Motorola RAZR cell phones as game pieces. The company also modernized its Baby Alive doll, which originally debuted in 1973. The doll has updated electronic features, which allow her to blink her eyes, suck on a bottle and even chew her food.

Mattel has reinvented Barbie to be up-to-speed with modern times, by creating Chat Divas Barbie, which hit retail shelves earlier this year. This Barbie answers her own cell phone and she sings three programmed clips. Little girls can hook up their Chat Divas Barbie to their iPods, too, and she’ll sing along.

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