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Accellos releases new WMS features for 3PLs


Phoenix – Accellos is releasing AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL version 4.0, which is built on the AccellosOne Platform version 3.0. This release focuses on a new user experience, work centers, cloud e-learning, and advanced functionality in event management, workflow engine, reporting, supply chain intelligence, and quality inspection.

Some of the highlights of AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL include:

• New User Experience: By adding nearly 200 new functions designed to improve the usability of the application, the user is empowered to “tailor” the experience to the user’s unique role or position in the company.

• Subject Workcenters: A series of Workcenters have been added that are designed to provide the user with a single landing spot allowing the user to research anything related to a subject like receipt, shipment, inventory and location.

• Cloud e-learning: Delivering both context-sensitive “help” videos and multi-lesson classes, AccellosOne e-learning provides information designed to make users more knowledgeable and self-sufficient.

• Advanced Event Engine: The new Advanced Event Engine provides tools designed to leverage the system to deliver real-time information on behalf of employees.

• Advanced Workflow Engine: The latest release incorporates Microsoft’s advanced workflow engine in the AccellosOne Platform.

• Extensible Reporting: AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL 4.0 incorporates the AccellosOne Report application to enhance both the core reporting capability and allow for better user-definable reporting extensions.

• Enhanced Supply Chain Intelligence: AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL 4.0 delivers more powerful access to key performance indicators that can assist a 3PL manager in more effectively making decisions within the business.

• Dynamic Quality Inspection: Tailored quality inspections can be designed with custom questionnaires, focused pass/fail criteria and conditional activities to ensure the quality of both inbound and outbound processes.

“Third party logistics operators must be extremely responsive to meet the needs of a diverse set of clients,” said CTO Ross Elliott. “This latest version of our Enterprise 3PL WMS contains our new workflow technology allowing end users to quickly respond the changing business processes without customizing the underlying source code of the product. In addition to the new workflow capability this release contains many customer-requested features such as a new user experience, work centers functionality and a new e-learning framework.”

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