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7-Eleven celebrates 80 years of convenience


DALLAS 7-Eleven announced today that it will celebrate its 80th birthday on July 11, also known as "7-Eleven Day." The company said it would be commerating the occasion by offering customers free 7.11-ounce Slurpee drinks at its U.S. stores.

"7-Eleven has been providing convenience-oriented and time-pressed customers with products and services they need while keeping up with their ever-changing preferences," said Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven president and ceo. "The changes the company has made over the decades have been amazing, yet our stores continue to play a relevant role in the lives of busy people. It's at this time of year when we take a look back at all we've accomplished and anticipate the many great things ahead for our company, our customers, franchisees and employees. And we want to thank the 6 million customers who come through our doors each day in the USA by giving them a birthday gift synonymous with 7-Eleven - a refreshing and free Slurpee beverage on July 11."

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