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360pi: Most Black Friday deals a myth


Ottawa, Ontario -- Black Friday deep discounts could be a myth, with only a few retailers dropping prices on only a few categories. Some key findings from pricing intelligence technology provider 360pi based on Amazon's own assortment in eight categories, including TVs, video games, tablets and digital cameras, show that:

  • Amazon was the only retailer who adjusted prices on over 20% of its assortment, changing prices on almost a third of its merchandise on Black Friday.

  • On Cyber Monday, all the multichannel retailers were trending closer to Amazon's pricing than the pureplay online stores. You would think the exact opposite given the cost differential in physical stores.

  • Walmart actually raised its prices almost 5% on average on Black Friday, and had been increasing prices steadily in the days leading up to it.

  • Sam's Club and Amazon dropped their prices most aggressively on Black Friday.

  • Target was the mass merchant with the most significant decrease in its own prices for this assortment from two weeks prior to Black Friday to Black Friday.

  • A majority of retailers either did not lower prices, or even raised prices slightly, on Black Friday.

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