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10 Tactics to Improve the Shopper Experience

An altered retail landscape and new consumer are remaking the shopper journey and path-to-purchase. Here are 10 tactics to improve the shopper experience that every retailer needs to know:

1. Bridge the online to offline experience: Expectations are high; online shoppers seek a personalized and efficient experience. Customers now expect price consistency across channels, the ability to buy online and pick up or return in store and a range of payment options.

2. Build intent to shop: The reality is shoppers are visiting fewer stores. Show consumers what rewards and offers they can earn in-store simply for walking in. Create urgency during the trip planning process through curated, personalized content and deals.

3. Reduce abandonment: Station employees at the entrance and at various locations throughout the store to ensure shoppers are greeted and assisted in a timely manner.

4. Improve zone performance: Analyze patterns in shopper behaviors and preferences to improve store layout, product placement and promotional strategies.

5. Optimize dwell time: Create tactics that help get shoppers out sooner, get them helped sooner, or keep them there longer depending on the profile of your sale.

6. Send in-store messages: Use your mobile app and other third-party software to drive the desired foot path or other in-store behavior, such as trying on a product in a fitting room.

7. Utilize in-store Wi-Fi: Utilize Wi-Fi technology to gain actionable insights about on-premise behavior, gather contact information and send real-time notifications directly to customers’ phones to drive engagement.

8. Use data to maximize the shopper experience and increase engagement: Use broader store benchmarks and data to gain a full picture of drivers affecting activity in-store.

9. Post-purchase, create loyalty: Communicate with shoppers and offer rewards post-purchase. Create marketing and promotional campaigns that drive traffic, conversion and transaction size.

10. Measure and monitor foot traffic: Align labor to match the shopper opportunity and provide a consistent shopper experience.
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